Tuesday, April 3, 2007


A girl I live with short termed who was mentioned in my first post does this like weekly thing on Tuesdays that is called TMI TUESDAY which of course means Too Much Information Tuesday. And what it is is they have these questions thats like a survey that you get to fill in your answers too but theyre like usually pervy or sexy or personal questions so hence the name TMI. So I read a few of them and decided that I would start playing the game too since I have my computer back and it seems like fun but youll have to forgive me because I am not starting the game on a very saucy set of questions. Here it goes!

1. What is your middle name?


2. Where do you keep your toys? In your nightstand?

I keep them in my nightstand and I keep my lubricants and the few props I have and other stuff in a little like case thing that came with a set of massage oils that I got.

3. How many toys do you have? List them! (links & pictures are nice, too!) =P

This is my favorite one here. I had a boyfriend thats now an ex buy this for me a few months ago and it has since then totally replace my other vibrator. I threw the old dolphin out in favor of this.

Dildo and yes I bought it myself. I love this one. I have two but this is the one that I use like around 85% of the time.


Yes, mine are pink and yes I bought them on my own just out of curiousity and yes I have opened them up and used them a couple times.


My last toy.... It cost me $45 but I like it.

I also have an assortment of lubes, edible body lotion, chocolate body paint and massage oils. Oh and I love this stuff in melon and a few diff flavors too. I have some feather ticklers, a mask, a blindfold, naughty dice and a naughty board game. Ive still never gotten to use the board game since I got it with my ex and he decided he wasnt down for playing it.

4. Are you a swinger? Ever wanted to be?
No Im not and I havent ever wanted to be really. I dont want some other chick doing my guy and then me knowing about it and then having him do me like a few hours after he was up in some other woman. Eww not for me. Also I would be afraid to catch something like an STD.

5. When should parents sit children down for the "birds & bees" talk?
I think now a days around 8 to 10 would be good because sex is just everywhere and its better they hear it from their folks then from other kids who probably have wrong information about it or better to hear it from parents than to find about it from the internet.

Bonus (as in optional):
Do you know how many sex offenders are in your city? Find out & tell me.

Too damned many. I dont know how many exactly but I know its up in the hundreds which is definetly too many but then again you know one is too many really so what can you do.


Ok so I have found that my webpage knowledge of html codes which isnt much but is a little is coming in handing using blogger to make my posts a little more eye catching.

I also wanna point out that just because this post has pics of sex toys and a very X Rated theme to it does not mean this will be turning into a sex blog. Of course I will have posts that contain sexual material because Im a sexual girl and it happens but dont expect to see just only sex but know that it will be mixed in here with everything else that I post about. It wont be a sleazy porno blog because I dont want it to be that but naughty stuff will come in to play sometimes so dont be offended when it happens.

I you want to start playing TMI TUESDAY you should check out the site and see if you want to get in to doing it on Tuesdays too! No pun intended lol!!! http://tmituesday.blogspot.com is the link to check it out. I had fun.


ZigZagMan said...

Welcome to the brood.......Happy TMI :)

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

Welcome to the blog world and TMI.

Amy Elle said...

Welcome to TMI and the blog world.

Happy TMI!