Friday, March 30, 2007


My first post on my new blog.

I had my first blog for a total of 3 days before I deleted it and now I have this one to entertain myself and the world with.

Im living with some people for now. One of them is known in the blogland as Amorous Rocker. She's a bitch and makes too many rules for living with her. You cant expect a 19 year old girl to not have guys over and to be totally neat and tidy. We like boys and we are sometimes messy you know. The other people living there are assholes too and the rules were just dumb. I was only going to crash there on a temporary basis anyway so now that is over much quicker than I though it would be but oh well whatever right. So Im moving in with my friends Tasha, Natalie and Brian this weekend. Sunday is my move in with them day to be exact.

I like some drama. Life is boring without it in a small dose here and there and even people that try to avoid it get caught up in it anyway. It makes things interesting as long as its not too much. Im a little bit of a trouble maker and a little bit of an instigator as well. I will admit these things and Im a pretty honest person. Im a lot of fun to be around and Im a dancer. Not that kind of dancer but a real dancer trained in ballet, tap, ballroom and salsa and always taking new classes to learn new types of dance to further myself. Im in to musical theatre too. I like to act and Im pretty good at it. Im active and hyper and kind of bubbley. I love life and I dont have too many boring days because I try to make the most out of every day given to me.