Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Drama drama DRAMA. Work is all about it. Youd think work was like all about work but nooo its all about the drama. Theres a girl, Katelynne. Another girl, Beth. A guy, Mason. Katelynne is straight. Beth is bisexual. Mason is bisexual too. Katelynne and Beth are both Masons girlfriends. Yeah, two girlfriends. They obviously know about each other. All 3 of them live in the same house. They all sleep in like the same king sized bed every night. Since Katelynne is straight, they never have the technical like 3some sexually. Katelynne doesnt help when Mason and Beth are fucking but she doesnt leave the room either. Beth doesnt get in it when Katelynne and Mason are fucking because Katelynne wont allow it. They do the whole relationship thing together as a 3some though. So its totally odd and no one really gets it but its whatever. Anyway everyone LOVES to gossip about them since Katelynne and Mason work together at my job. Beth works at the place next door so shes in a lot since she like typicaly gets off before they do. Everyone knows about them. They flaunt it badly to everyone. Well, Beth has started having sex with another girl. This girl is Anne. Anne is not allowed into their 3some relationship. Katelynne is mad that Beth is doing someone else. Mason says hes a little put off with it but doesnt mind so much because Beth shows him pictures and tells him about her sex with Anne. Katelynnes getting a little jealous that Mason has such an interest in what Beth and Anne do. Well duh! Hes OBVIOUSLY a guy who digs the thought of having 2 chicks. Hello honey, didnt you figure that one out already? So anyway Katelynne has been really snotty and bitchy to Mason as work the past few days. They had a totally big fight outside tonight after their shifts had ended. So this is how everyone in there tonight found about the whole Anne thing. They got into a fight in the parking lot and Katelynne came back in crying and sat in the bar area of the restaraunt. Mason had left because Katelynne said she told him to get away from her and leave her alone for a while. They had taken Masons car to work so Katelynne said she would just like get a ride from a coworker when she was ready to go home.

People start offering advice telling her to get out of the relationship shes in. "Its unhealthy. Its wrong. You shouldn't be putting up with these things. Youre in a shitty situation. You deserve better. Hes a jerk anyway." All stuff like that you know.

Apparently Mason had gone home and told Beth everything. Katelynne had been sitting up there for like umm... I think about an hour and a 1/2 when Beth comes storming into the bar part of the restaraunt. She gets in Katelynnes face and starts yelling at her about how shes being stupid and how she made Mason feel so bad and stuff like that. Katelynne gets like totalllyyy pissed and gets up and starts yelling at Beth. Our manager came over and broke them up and took them both to the outside. They kept fighting out there after he had like left them alone. Then they came in like 30 minutes later all huggy and friendly again. They were sitting there on the stools maybe like 10 minutes when Beth said something to set Katelynne off and they started fighting all over again. Beth screamed at her and then took off.

I have no idea what else came of that because I got off and got the hell outta there ASAP lol. Im sure tomorrow the rumor mill will be like spinning at full circle though. Drama like whoa I swear. Its always something.


Burt said...

Wow...quite the drama there.

Kellie said...

Tell me about it! lol