Monday, May 21, 2007

Massive update lol

Ok so I like got so busy with doing memes that I forgot to do updates with life and stuff in between those. So to anyone reading I am sorry now but this is going to be like seriously long. If anyone truly gets all the way through this then bravo honey because you get a standing ovation lol. Ok lets dive in!

Katelynne broke up with Mason and Beth. Beth left Mason for a relationship with Anne and another female. Mason and Katelynne still work together at my job but its like so insanely awkward. Apparently Mason badly wants Katelynne back. She says so sooo doesnt want back with him. Apparently one night Beth had Anne over. Mason got home and apparently he didnt like penetrate Anne but he did everything but fuck her. So Katelynne found out and packed up her stuff and moved out to go live with her best friend. I kinda dont feel sorry for her because they had such an odd relationship and it was obvious Mason wasnt too into being like monogamous. But hes like all sad and crap over her. He was writing poems about like being lonely and missing Katelynne and stuff like that on napkins on his break. Its sad that theyre both like hurting so much (even though KLynne is trying to totally pretend otherwise) but really, what did they expect with the way they were doing things??? Seriously lol. For more clarity on the drama behind this, go
here to this previous post for a bit of like the explaination.

Things between me and Nick are going well. Hes such a total sweetheart! And he is soo passionate. We still havent had sex yet though! Its driving me totally mad. Like we make out and fool around you know the whole oral sex bit. We get so close and then we slow down and back away from sex. Well, he slows down and backs away. I want to! Obviously you know that if you like read my blog though hehehe. Its making me crazy! He is sooo passionate and sensual. His kisses, touches, licks, bites, nibbles... everything, sensual and passionate. He gets me sooo hot only to abruptly stop and cool me back down. Siiigh. I have like talked to him about it as of last night actually and he says hes just not ready to do it yet. Im like ugh but hey its okay, eventualy we will get there. We went to dinner last night too and this themed restaraunt Id never heard of. It was so cool, this dude dressed as The Big Bad Wolf was our server and he totally was into the role too. So much fun. Then we went and had desserts at this French cafe I adore which I think I have posted about before lol. Hes awesome. :)

Cynthia is still dating my ex but she still wants to try to stay close to me. I dunno if Im just like being a bitch or not but I just really cant do it right now. I know she had nothing to do with the way he treated me but I dunno. I just wouldnt get into a relationship with one of my like supposed best friends at all! Like especialy not when that ex treated them so badly and hurt them so much. I just dont see how she can be okay with all of it at all. And it like... it hurts me that she would be with him. But now Im starting to think maybe Im making too much of it? I just dont know. :(

Tasha and her boyfriend have been like arguing a lot lately. It makes things a little awkward around the house because Tasha is one of those who holds on to things too long so she will be like snippy with him the rest of the day when they have like had an argument that day. She was telling me the other day shes not sure she wants to be with him anymore. I started asking her more about that but she like got totally defensive and snippy and wouldnt talk anymore about it.

I havent talked to my mom since Mothers Day. I think she is still bitter about me leaving home I guess. My moms not a bad lady so dont think that we just have a LOT of trouble getting a long now. She has a lot of trouble with thinking of me as an adult and like treating me like one. Also on Mothers Day she asked me if I was done pretending to be a grown up yet and if I was ready to come home yet. Which just kind of pissed me off. I mean I know I have roommates so were all like sharing the rent and bills and all that. But still, to me I feel like Im being responsible. I dont know. Im just like soo confused right now about a lot. Siigh.

Well I think this way def long enough lol. I might come back later and find a Monday meme to do. Hehehe. :)


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Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

COngrats on moving out!Remember Moms wans to protect you, remind your Mom she did a great job of raising you and even though you may screw up from time to time for the most part your ready to be an adult because she did such a wonderfull job. Try to chat with breifly so she doesnt feel left out.