Friday, May 18, 2007

CAUTION: Naughty Content

In case yall havent figured it out yet lol I love doing memes and surveys and stuff like that. I dunno why but its like just addicting to me. So to make up for my absence here is a naughty little survey I got off myspace lol. Its mostly sex related so if you dont wanna like read that kind of content, skip this post lol and stay away from most of my other posts too hehehe. Ok here yall go, enjoy. Comment and let me know I still have some readers lol.


1) Ever been to a strip club?
A couple of times.

2) Ever been to a bar?
Yes sure not ever to legally drink since Im only a wee little 19 lol.

3) Ever been kicked out of a bar?

4) Ever been so drunk you had to be carried out of somewhere?
No, I will stumble and have people help me away but I will not be carried lol.

5) Kissed someone of the same sex?
Yes but it wasnt that great.

6) Thrown up from drinking too much?
A few times yuck lol.

7) Had sex in a car?
Oh yeah lol a few times there too lol. It was ok except for one time that was totally fantastic.

8) Had sex in a park?

9) Had sex in a cinema?
A cinema? lol Yeah I have tried and its been ok, I guess I just dont get how fucking in a theater goes lol.

10) Had sex in a bathroom?
Yes but not a public one lol.

11) Had sex at work?
Not that I remember lol.

12) Have you ever been in an "adult" store?

13) Bought something from an "adult" store?
Yeah a few things hehe. I made a post about some of my toys a while back. :)

14) Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with?
This is talking about my myspace friends list and I have a couple people on there that I have fooled around with and a couple that I wouldnt mind doing lol.

15) Have you ever had your ass fingered?
A couple of times lol. I prefer beads honestly.

16) Are your breasts real?
Helll yeaaah.

17) Have you ever kissed a stranger?
Yes but its not a habit lol.

18) Does someone have naughty pics of you?
If you consider nude to be naughty then yes lol.

19) Ever had oral sex in a nightclub?

20) Ever had sex with someone you met through Myspace?
No, I dont meet people off there.

21) Have you ever had sex with someone who was just a friend?
Yeah. Draama.

22) Have you ever had anal?

23) Have you ever given it, like with a dildo (girls)/taken it (boys)?
Nooo, thats creepy lol.

24) Given/Received a rim job?
No on the given, yes on the received.

25) Flashed/Mooned anyone?
Yes on the flashed, no on the mooned.

26) Dated multiple people at the same time?
Yes but none were committed relationships and we both knew we were dating other people.

27) Had a one night stand?
Yeah, totally not worth it.

28) Willingly had sex with a family member (or wanted to)?
Noooo! Disgusting.

29) Have you ever shrimped/or/snowballed anyone?
No lol.

30) Dirty Sanchez?
NO. Never.

31) Pissed on someone?
I did once because this guy I was dating begged me to so many times that like I just gave in.Totally weird and never did it again.

32) Danced on a stage?

33) Played with chains, ropes, monkey bars?
Guess what I did with my graduation ropes.... hehehe!

34) Beaten someone?
Not really no if you mean like cuts and bruises lol.

35) Do you bite?
When Im really horny.

36) Hard or soft biting?
Somewhere in the middle mostly.

37) Hard or soft sex?
It changed with my mood lol. Hard is great for when Im like really horny and just wanna fuck the hell out of someone. Its also great when like Im in a horny aggressive mood. Soft sex is more romantic and sensual and feels just really nice. Then somewhere in between the 2 is like goood too and what I usually perfer lol.

38) How many partners (a.0-5/b.6-10/c.11-15/d.16-20/e.20+)?
Ill just pick a letter and say B lol.

39) Have you ever had a fuck buddy?
Yes lol. That can be nice sometimes...

40) Have you ever had a bisexual partner?
Yes lol.

41) What do you think of beastiality?

42) Would you have more than one boyfriend/girlfriend in a serious relationship at once?
No lol I think it would be difficult to manage lol.

43) Rate your DESIRE for sex (not your actual intake)?
(Nympho/I love sex or calmed down nympho/I would like some/Sex scares me)
I love sex but Im not considering myself any kind of nympho lol although Im not too clear on how much sex a person has before called a nympho.

44) How often do you swear?
Probably way more than I should lol.

45) Do you own/use a sex toy?
All I have to say is check this post out lol... why buy them and not use them?!

46) Are you multi-orgasmic?

47) Have you changed your clothes in the last 24 hours?
LOL Of course!

48) Are you an exhibitionist?
Sometimes lol I kinda flip back and forth on that one.

49) Do you like to walk around your house half/fully naked?
Half yeah a lot but naked only sometimes when no ones here or when only me and Natalie are the ones at home.

50) Bra size/dick size?
Small C cup.

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Burt said...

Very hot, love the meme's just like you do.