Sunday, May 6, 2007

The weekend, something naughty and a meme.

**The Unconscious Mutterings meme I did is at the very end of this post**

This weekend was pretty awful. Well it started pretty awful. Friday turned out to be a bunch of bullshit and drama. The night started out to be a good time but then Tasha brought a couple friends from work home and one pf them just happened to be the older sister of Tashas boyfriends ex. So thats when the drama started. I tried making them leave but Tasha was still trying to keep everyone calm which like just didnt happen. So there was a total cat fight that ended up happening between the older sister and Tasha! Then she finally booted them out. Then after that a bunch of Tashs friends like started arguing over who was in the right and who was in the wrong and there were like some mixed up feelings there. That started more bullshit arguments and I just ended telling everyone that didnt live there to get the hell out. Ya aint gotta go home but get the hell outta here like that kinda thing lol. Then Tashas boyfriend came home drunk and had 2 drunk buddies and the sober driver with him. The drunkens ended up breaking the lamp I JUST PURCHASED from Pier One and shattering the glass in our coffee table in the living room. Tashas boyfriend says hes gonna like replace the glass and go lamp shopping with me and replace the lamp sometime this week though. He also has to like get the carpet clean because his friend that broke out the glass cut his arm up and like bled all over the floor but he was okay. Then Nick calls me because he got rear ended on his way home from his buddies house. He asked me if I would come give him a ride. I wasnt even tipsy at this point so I went and got him. I hung out chatting with him for a little bit. The result of that was that were now in like a "serious relationship" now. I hate saying "like omg were boyfriend and girlfriend now eeek" but yeah lol thats what it is now.

I got to spend part of the day and all night with Nick Saturday though so that was totally awesome. We went to lunch at Panera which he let me pay for and its like one of my favorite places to eat. Then we went to see Spiderman 3 which was pretty cool and better than I was thinking it would be though granted I dont honestly know all that much about Spiderman and like the whole story lines and what not but it was pretty cool anyway. Then we went to the park and ran around playing on the playground and acting goofy. That didnt last long since it was HOT and HUMID and felt gross as hell outside. He dropped me off at home and I got a shower and got cleaned up. Then we went to go ice skating (Awww) which was cool because I loooove to go ice skating which Ive told him before but like no guy has ever taken me before without me having to ask and compromise on it. So it was totally sweet. We spent like around 2 1/2 hours ice skating before we left there. He took me to dinner at this French bistro place that I love but its so expensive so I rarely go there lol. I told him that we could go somewhere else because I knew hed end up paying like 60 or more bucks on us to have dinner there not even including a dessert and a tip so I tried to get him to go somewhere else. He said he wanted to try it though and now he had someone to go with so we went in and only had to wait for like maybe 15 minutes before we got a table. I looove that place and Im soo glad I was wearing nice enough clothes lol. The food was soo good like always. I am a dessert fiend so I had a hard time picking between something new and one of my favorites. I tried to get him to let me pay for my part of the bill but he said I covered the movie and lunch so it was no big deal. I didnt argue after that. Then we went back to his place and had some coffee and were like sitting on the couch like just talking. We spent a couple hours talking and joking around. Then he leaned in and started kissing on my neck which just totally drives me wild. We took it to the bedroom before it turned in to anything more than that on the couch. We made out for about 10 minutes then clothes like quickly started being removed. He was sucking and licking my nipples. Brushing tongue across them and continuing on across my breast and to the other one nibbling and biting gently as he went. I reached down and undid his belt so I couple undo his jeans. I used my feet to push them like down off of him. We were down to panties and boxers in about 2 minutes once the undressing started. He started kissing me again and then like slid his hands down into my panties and started fingering me. I was writhing against him it felt so good. I ended up pushing him down and going down on him. I love how he moans when Im sucking his dick. He makes such pretty noises, it turns me on so much more than like sucking his dick does. He came and then it was my turn. He licked and sucked at my clit while fingering me again. Then he slid his tongue in where his fingers had been and went to work down there. He got me so close and then slowed back down so I wouldnt cum yet which drove me fucking nuts lol. He did that one more time before he finally didnt stop and let me cum. Then he was on top of me like kissing and nibbling on my shoulders. I pushed his boxers back down and grabbed ahold of his penis. I rubbed it against like the outside of my vagina. He didnt stop me and I kept doing it. I let the head slide in a little bit and ran it up and down my vagina lips. He was groaning and kissing all over my body still so I kept doing it because it felt sooo very good. I pushed my hips up more to try and get more of his dick inside me. Thats when he rolled off of me and layed there next to me."Kellie, not yet, ok?" I soo thought about asking why not but decided not to push it lol. So we layed there cooling down and he asked me if Id mind spending the night. I said Id rather sleep at my place since I didnt have anything at his place and he said that was fine. I said he could grab some things and come spend the night with me and he agreed and thats what we did.

So now its Sunday and I woke up with Nick cuddling me beside me and then had to get out of the warmth of my bed and his arms so I could like start my day. I let him sleep in while I took a shower but then I woke him up to see if he wanted like a sandwich or anything since I was gonna have a sandwich and some fruit before work today. He made his own sammich and then he was off to go home and clean off while I finished getting ready for work. I got to work 10 minutes early and then I got off at 7 because we werent busy at all and I offered to be the one to bounce because like Id already made 60 bucks in tips and was cool with that for the day. Now here I am almost finished with this totally long post for today.

I'm gonna end it with a new meme I found. I know its like beyond long enough but oh well this blog is mine and for me. Of course maybe thats why no one else really reads it lol but oh well whatever. I still like posting in it all the same. Heres todays meme.


  1. Tumor :: Cancer
  2. Bunch :: Bananas
  3. Gratitude :: Thankful
  4. Feel alive :: Sky dive
  5. Connect :: Internet
  6. Temptation :: Sex
  7. Brighten :: Sunny days
  8. Jewelry :: Diamonds
  9. Tough :: Boxers
  10. Harmless :: Butterflies

If you want to get in on this meme you can go here and check out Unconscious Mutterings.

Time now to end this and go get some dinner.


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